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The Fund is governed by a board of Trustees. Up to six are elected from among the members, one is appointed by Airways, and a maximum of three are independent non-member trustees. 


Standing from left to right: Cam Lorimer, Jim Dunn, Natasha Thompson, Reagan Hellyer, Ann Parkinson, Angelique Bowman, Dr Simon Ryder-Lewis (Case Manager) and Paul Robinson
Sitting from left to right: Penelope Ryder-Lewis, Scotty Herbert, Dave Mainwaring and Erin Lee.





 Trustee Member


Scotty has been a trustee since 2013. He has been an ATCO for 30 years having trained in Auckland before working in the towers in Napier and Wellington. Following that he did 3 years on Wellington approach radar before spending 6 years in Dubai, doing approach radar. On his return to NZ in 2011, Scotty worked for 2 years on Ohakea radar before transferring to Auckland radar where he is currently based.
Scotty is married to Tina and they have 2 kids, Casey and Max. Outside of work and family, Scotty is kept very busy with a keen interest in rugby refereeing, and is a member of the local Volunteer Fire Brigade, where among the obvious duties, is also the Welfare Officer. He has also been on the NZALPA ATC Council as the Med & Welfare Officer since 2014.




 Trustee Member

Natasha has been a trustee of the MBF since 2014. She has been working as an air traffic controller since 2001, first in Palmerston North tower then from 2003 in Wellington tower. Natasha is married to Jeremy and together they have a primary school aged daughter.




 Trustee Member

Jim has been a trustee since 2014 and has found it to be a thoroughly rewarding experience to work with people who have such a strong focus on the welfare of the members of the fund.  Jim’s background is varied over 35 years in the aviation industry.  He spent a number of years as a flight instructor before taking up ATC in 1986 that was followed by time with the MoT as a controller in Nelson and Wellington, some time with Air New Zealand flying the venerable Fokker Friendship and then back to Airways in 1990 where he has been since.  Jim is an AA TMA controller having been on that sector since 1992.  He has a wonderful wife Beth and 2 grown children Sian and Adam of whom he is immensely proud.




 Trustee Member

Dave has been a trustee since 2002. He joined ATC in the mid-1980s and currently works on Wellington Approach.  He spent a good few years from 1991 to 2007 as a NZALPA rep being a contract negotiator for much of that time, returning a few years ago for another stint up to 2019.  So he has some definite ideas about how hard we have fought for what we have, and how important it is that we preserve it.  After ”retiring” from NZALPA, Dave was sand-bagged by Don Currie and Spot Wilson into serving as a trustee for the MBF.  Dave recently stood down as Chairman, but agreed to continue as a trustee.  As Jim says – it is a pleasure to work with a group that has such knowledge and experience, and such a strong focus on ensuring the welfare of controllers.  Maybe you could get involved yourself one day?  There are so many dimensions to ATC beyond the pure operational job – and he’s not talking about management!  Dave’s instincts tell him we may need to fight to keep what we have during the early 2020s …………



 Trustee Member

Cam has been a trustee since 2022 and has worked as an Auckland Tower controller since 1998. In a previous life he gained a BSc in Resource and Environmental Management, a PPL Fixed Wing in NZ & Australia, a CPL Rotary in Australia, and flew for several years on the Sunshine Coast. 
He served on the NZALPA ATC Council for 12 years including three contract negotiations and was the Medical & Welfare Officer until handing the reigns over to Scotty Herbert. He has been a PAN Peer Support Volunteer for the last ten years and is now looking forward to learning form the wealth of experience provided by the other MBF trustees to help in the welfare of our ATC members. 

In his spare time, he likes to keep fit to counter his love for good Gin. And is the Treasurer for Western District Cricket. He and his wife Deb live in Titirangi, Auckland with their 2 "adult" kids Shae and Zac and spend as much time as possible at their batch in Whangamata. 



Trustee Member

Regan is the newly elected Trustee and is looking forward to representing his fellow ATCs. He began his career in New Plymouth in 2009 and has been on Area Radar since 2010. He has served as a Duty Manager for several years and is presently the Duty Manager Team Leader. In his spare time, he likes to get out and about doing as many sports as he can.




 Independent Trustee

Penelope is the principal of Bartlett Law, a boutique employment law firm based in Wellington. She has been a principal in that firm since it was established in 1997, and prior to that worked in other Wellington firms and ECNZ. She has extensive experience in health-related employment issues, including workplace stress. In her spare time she enjoys anything to do with aircraft and travel; and maintains a lifelong interest in ballet and dance. For 9 years she was a board member of the NZ School of Dance. Penelope is a trustee of the New Zealand Airline Pilots’ Mutual Benefit Fund.




 Independent Trustee

Paul is a retired controller who has been involved in NZALPA and IFATCA for many years.  During his early years as a controller, he was covered by the original “Loss of Licence Insurance” scheme which didn’t focus on enabling ATC staff to regain their medical fitness for work and which eventually failed financially.  One of his roles in NZALPA was to negotiate the Mutual Benefit Fund-ATC in the early 1990’s to replace the old LoLI scheme.  Subsequent to that he has filled trustee positions in the Airways Superannuation Plan, the NZALPA Contingency Fund Trust, and the NZALPA Group Life and Group Disability Insurance Plans.  He and his wife live in Auckland, and have two adult children and five grand-children.  They enjoy travelling, boating, food and wine, and golf.


Erin Lee 


Company Trustee

A trustee appointed by Airways in 2021, Erin is the Financial Controller for Airways New Zealand. Previously, Erin was an Associate Director at advisory and restructuring firm KordaMentha and General Manager of Finance at Carter Holt Harvey LVL. A Chartered Accountant with 15+ years of experience, Erin has extensive experience in managing financial aspects of businesses across various sectors. Based in Auckland, Erin is married to Simon and they have two kids, Nathan and Caitlin.

Administration and Case Manager


 Operations Manager

Ann's BA (hons) Business Studies degree and background in business administration gives her excellent knowledge and understanding of systems and processes to ensure efficient running of the office. Ann has worked within multiple industries and brings an array of unique administrative, accounting and customer service skills. Ann enjoys running, scuba diving boating and house renovations! 



 Finance and Membership Administrator

Ange's background is in finance and administration, and she prides herself on providing exceptional customer service. Over the years, Ange has worked in diverse industries, giving her a variety of skills and knowledge. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the gym, traveling, watching movies, and enjoying a nice glass of wine.




 Case Manager

Simon qualified as a Medical Practitioner from Otago University in 1994 and has worked full time in medical practice since this date. He is currently registered to practice as a Medical Practitioner in New Zealand (NZ) (NZMC No. 20475). Simon works full-time as a Specialist Occupational physician. He holds a number of contracted Occupational Physician positions in the Wellington region.

He has undertaken and completed post-graduate training in Occupational Medicine and attend regular on-going education meetings. Simon has obtained the post-graduate Diploma in Industrial Health from the University of Otago and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. He worked for a number of years as the consultant at a Chronic Pain Service at Lower Hutt Hospital. He is former Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Occupational Medicine at Otago University, Wellington School of Medicine.

Simon is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine a member of the UK Society of Occupational Medicine. He is a member of MEDICHEM (Occupational and Environmental Health in the Production and Use of Chemicals) and the American Congress of Government and Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Simon is a member of the Work Safe Asbestos and Occupational Respiratory Disease Panel.